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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Journalist by Raquel Pelayo.

This week I have been the journalist. This week our stars, Rosana and Cristian, during Easter they had to learn the questions for the quiz that all the stars of each group had to participate. The quiz consisted in a play which consisted in a board of snakes and stairs, with the stairs you must go up and with the snakes you must go down. The first group which arrive to the end the first win. So the teacher asked them the questions that we made and they must answer. Our stars asked them very well!!

Here you have an example of the board:

The winner was our classmates T8T in the first position and the second position was for “Step by Step”. Congratulations for both groups, good job!!
Then Linda, our teacher of this subject, said us which were the other prizes for the conceptual maps and for the best questions. We have the second position in the best questions for the quiz with our classmates the group of Hide and Seek.
So, we have just finished this subject, now we must to study very hard for our next exam.

It has been a pleasure for me work with you guys, thank you for all. 

Here we have our two stars Rosana and Cristian, and at the background Maria, Fernando and me (Raquel). This picture was made before starting the quiz.

            This picture was during the quiz, Linda asking the questions and each star asking them.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Work as Journalist by Rosana Yepes

Hi bloggers!
Before Easter my role was the journalist. To be honest, the week was a bit different because we have to change classes due to the interesting visits which we received. Even theses visits don’t belong to this subject, I would like to say that them were so productive.
Firstly our function the last week was  to elaborate 4 questions about each Conceptual Map which we did the last week. The questions should pick up the main aspects about the topic, and they were not able to be ansewered with a simple glance. Finally, we had to choose the eight best questions about a topic 6: Administration and Governance at Local and/or Institutional Level II. Moreover, we had to assess all the questions of our partners. It was difficult, because we didn’t have much time and we had to return the questions, so at least, we had to assess them by photos.
What do I think about this activity? I think that it is really difficult and it requires so much responsibility. Even it is hard, with this kind of activities we develop our critical sense, but in reality it is so hard assessing our partners´ work. Anyway, we are going to be teachers and we are going to assess many many, so it is preferable that we start soon.
Regarding my work as journalist, I have made an interview a teacher of primary education to know what is, as teacher, her opinion about the new law of education, LOMCE.

There are many documents comparing both laws: LOE and LOMCE. However, I have been able to see this comparison more clearly in this document, because it appears two colors that distinguish each one.

 I would like to say see of saying congratulations to Educational Rush Hour for the way that they have done their roles this week. Congratulations!

Obviously, I don’t forget my group, CONGRATULATIONS, TOO. We all have done a good work. I am proud of you! J
Here I give you some songs to cheer up and encourage you! J

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Journalist by Maria & Feli.

Feli's report

Scoring giveme 7 &T8T
Human beings existence is characterized and focused in spending time and behave, both individually and in groups. Now that we are facing the student stage, we spend a great deal of our time in groups. What is even more, in the working world, even if we are ready or not we will spend even more.
The big group
Of course, many times we have no choice whether we will work alone or with more people. We are just told what to do. GOALS? To be best apt to be prepared in order to gain aptitude skills to be prepared and able to interact with society in general.
The Brainstorming group, as the remaining ones have been working more than two moths, and that fact helped us to know each other better, our goals, hobbies, hopes….
REFLEXION is a nice way to foresee, what about the rest of your class groups?
Learning from other's perspectives
So that my role this week will consist on going through all the groups integrated in the B section, and ask them their general feed back about this weekly task, whether they found it more difficult or easier than previous ones, what should be improved, if all of them find the task difficult or on the contrary, some find them easier than others.
                                           STEP BY STEP
I asked them whether they found this week's task about conceptual maps easier than Moovly, and their general answer was that for them getting used to using Moovly was more complicated because the had to invest a deal of time in order to get used to it. All of them told me that concepts maps were easier that they were expecting.
Let´s see what T8T has to add.
Their role on the exposition day was to work as supervisors, and for them in general the experience was not good, because none of them could compare their maps with other groups in order to improve or just have different perceptions, and I have to admit that they are right, they play disadvantaged.
What about  THE LITTLE ANTS?
Their general feed back is that the LOGSE-LOMCE differences has been approached on an overbearing manner, so that, not time enough to chew the concept. For them going through Moovly or the conceptual maps did not make any difference, as they think that every tool is new and requires time and cooperative work in order to cope with all the subjects.
Our own feedback
It is curious that even though we have not been working with the rest of the groups, our opinion in general does not differ from the rest. On the contrary, we could witness how the team that was supervising us were telling that as much as they like to supervise, they did not have the same opportunity to correct their own maps. We also think that a subject like LOE-LOGSE, maybe because the majority of us do not go often through the BOE is not an easy subject, if we are to learn the roots of them. And we also add that I would be great if we had more time to compare all of them.
Well my friends, that was all. Even though working in groups is more time-consuming than individual or interpersonal effort, at least I could report that our worries, our willingness to exceed expectations in order to improve, and motivation overall will guide us to good destination.

Maria's Report
As the other journalist has said, this is not an easy work to do.  When a new law is adopted, a lot of changes appear and we had to contrast both in order to understand what happened.
As I don´t know if the differences between LOE and LOGSE have been clearly understood, I wanted to explain them with two videos. They are in Spanish, because it is a Spanish legislation, so that, I will explain them in English in order to clarify some aspects.
Firstly I wanted to say that LOGSE was a Spanish law from 1990 to 2006 when it was derogated by LOE. So now let´s see the videos!!
The first one talks about the establishment of LOGSE and explains it´s main functions and ways of teaching.

As we can see the most important aspects of this law were:
-           Equal  opportunity to education;

-          Moral and religious education;

-          Free and compulsory basic education;

-          Printed material (textbook, Workbook and worksheet)

-          Evaluation with an exam in order to saw what the student had learnt.

-          Teachers with a close bond with their students and subject.
The second video talks about the establishment of LOE, so it is in favour of it, presenting it´s relevant pros.
As we can see, this law wanted to take many specific points from LOGSE and try to improve them. It´s main goal is to fight against school failure from the beginning.
With this purpose It not only included improvement measures to students in primary and secondary education, but also in secondary education the number o subjects was reduced.
In general, students have a 65% of common contents, having the religion subject as a voluntary one.
So know we really know the differences between both laws, but if you have to decide which one is the best, what do you say?
Well, my answer is clear, I really prefer LOE and these is because I hate studying only with printed materials and do an exam to show what I have learnt. Also we have more freedom to choose what we want to study and how we want to learn things.
In conclusion, we have lots of opportunities and resources that we should use in order to make our knowledge bigger.


Monday, 24 March 2014

The Journalist by Cristian Paco & Fernando Tortosa

This week, Cristian and Fernando are the journalist, and about our fellings this week we can say that it has been one of the most exciting activities and we all were very motivated with our moovly project.

At the end of the videos presentations we did a kind of contest where we had to put scores to rate the other groups; The winners of this week are Hide and Seek and C'mon tutankamon, we have to say Congratulations to both of them!!
But we are working hard and we hope we will win the next week activity 

We did enjoy all the videos but we are going to analyse and comment the other groups videos because we think that each one had an interesting thing to remark:

Hide and seek:
They have explained all our course with a story in which some characters travelled to a world called #Soyer1314 , they also used their voice in the video. It is very original, they deserve victory =)

Educational Rush Hour

Give me 7
We have liked it a lot, we have also apreciate that they use their own voice on the video, and the thing of the pacman eating their pictures was very funny.

Well what can we say about us... We had worked a lot in our video and we have tried to show you all the things that we have learnt in this course  and each concept in the best way possible. And we hope you all had enjoy it ------->

We have really enjoyed their video, the music was great and also they have represent all the activities that we have done in a fun way.

Teach leaders
It is a good video too but we think they should have added more web 2.0 tools that we have use, it would had been nice.

Step by Step
Nice video, a little bit strong music, we would had prefer a relaxing one, but all the concepts are very clear, good job!

The Little Ants
The concepts are clear but the quality of the audio is bad, we would had also prefered it with some music at the background. They have also put too much text, it was not necessary.

C'mon Tutankamon
They did a really good job, they have work a lot on the video, as well as Hide and Seek, this week they deserve the victory, Congratulations!

Other interesting websites!
We found a very interesting blog about education 2.0 where you can do a quiz about our current educational concept and the concept we are studing in this subject, please don't hesitate to click in as you'll find many things in common with what we are learning in here.

Other nice place to have a look is this blog about the use of new tecnologies in education, is fantastic to find people researching and sharing the same way to think about the classroom 2.0

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Being a good journalist, by Feli Travieso.


ICT and the zombie students. By Jordi Adell.
Take your time and wach it carefully. After observing this marketing campaing.....

There will be asked simple questions to you....
What is the first impression you got from the video?
Does anybody see any didactic innovation on the way that teachers who appear on the video work?
Is it a coincidence that in the video, the only activity that is performed there is about teaching- learning?
Do you know why editorials not only focuses in the curriculum, but also to provide applications, rotted on its editorial companies servers in order to control the students as well as an integral management of the institution?
Well, as I was checking at Jordi Adell's blog, this video and his comment was what stroke me the most. Because he is completely right. Nowadays these big enterprises know that in order to maintain their status and its monopoly, their marketing board of directors are developing subtle strategies in order to catch the core market, which are teachers willing to try new ITC methods and students bored of reading dull books. The result is that they are getting again their clients in. But the material they sell is the same dog with different collar.
So what should we all do in order to avoid this assault? We must open our eyes to new methods of teaching-learning, but at the same time, to avoid falling into their narrow nets.
Have you watched the video? Jordi would like that people would look at the video again, but before playing it observe the following attitudes:
Look at the students and their bored faces, some of them are pretending that they are interested in what the teacher with her cool instrument has to say, but the rest look like zombies. 

The following task I will perform as a professional  journalist will be an Interview that will be carried out this weekend to diverse people, in order to find out whether they support textbooks and editorials as the predominant method of teaching, or if they, on the contrary think that a wide range of well thought and planned resources will be the key to master teaching- learning skills.....

The first video shows the way we have learned in school 30 years ago, and the opinion of one of the E.G.B student’s generation.

I considered of overriding importance, to compare two different generations in order to learn how humans are constantly evolving.
The following interview will acquaint everybody with the innate intelligence that children nowadays have.

In order to teach new generations who are clearly more advantaged that previous ones, what do we need?

Now that this role is almost ending, I am delighted to say that not only did I enjoy searching the way journalists in general act, but also trying to imitate them and performing according with their criteria was a little difficult when I carried out the interviews. I am very shy, and for me it was difficult being in front of a camera trying to imitate the journalist performance.
Even though I felt embarrassed I would not hesitate to going through the same role again.
Apart from this role, I was asked to search for information and translate the fable. When I was doing it, I felt I had to change a couple of details to make sure that on the presentation day the concept would be clear for everyone. Maybe it is because I have a twisted mind and I always try to disguise every single concept to conduct it to our children’s path.
The presentation day has arrived and I will try to give a constructive opinion of all of them, having in mind that it is not easy having to be faced with a big audience… 
So here I will present you all the groups and their links, where undoubtedly you can see all the extremely great creations they have done so far, which are as good as their enthusiasm.
Performance groups' feedback and links...
The first presentation is always the one that faces different types of inconvenients, such as technic problems among others, and this week was not an exception. Although the videos of these group were as fascinating as creative, with lot of illusion put in it, we all are sure that if we have the great opportunity to watch it again, we will learn a lot!!
GOOD WORK!!! I hope to see the videos again.
We were the second group, presenting the fable and even though Fernando, our star, was a bit nervous, the fable was  a nice way to teach what concepts we should have in mind, in order not to follow the flock.
The best moment was where the kahoot quiz was carried out, as we could see that many of our classmates as well as teachers were participating, and enjoying at the same time.
The videos of this presentation were also very illustrative as creative, because the different components of the group were performing from diverse locations in the classroom, keeping us awake, following different explanations. Despite of the fact that they were dynamic showing us with original and fake leaves the different ways and perceptions that we acquire through a wide variety of tools, I would have suggested them to explain why did they chose videos.
I LOVE IT!! Maria, do not be shy next time. You did great!
Why Infographics?
The star was very efficient when she explained why, using  only five concepts, as clear as the transparent waters of the Mediterranean sea.
After her explanation she offer us alternatives to the textbooks and what stroke me the most was to be acquainted that nowadays where we are going through a devastating crisis, editorials have a revenue of more that 8 millions of €.
The explained very well the main reason for choosing a video to represent what is going on education. The videos were funny, but just a tip, put more emphasis on what you are doing because with a little bit more of a kid soul, you could have done even better.
Being original, and creative is a quality that is scarce in our profession. The little ants group show us that, the new teachers generation will perform better. What I like the most of this group is that they did not go for the videos and chose a resource that nobody else used. Comics are a very appropriate way to teach children in a subtle way, thus we as teachers can achieve great results using them.
The first video were a little bit confusing, maybe because of the sound’s problem, but I have to say that the remaining videos were exceptional and original due to the mixture of technics that this group has used, combining good drawings, music and real images is a good way to catch the audience attention.
In this groups, as the majority of them chose advertising videos, I was expecting almost the same. But there were not two alike!! If I had to define what a good professional should be, this presentation would make it clear. Even though Ana was nervous, she did a GREAT performance, and I really feel proud of her as well as her group, because with just a few but well elaborated words, the message touched my soul.