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Friday, 11 April 2014

Facilitator role by Fernando Tortosa Cutillas

This week I have been the facilitator, It has been a calm week, the last week we had to read the LOE and the LOMCE, see the main differences between them and make concept maps about 6 topics.

This week, taking into account all the information of the concept maps we had to make 4 question of each topic and put them into cards that we had to bring to class last thursday. Then one topic was assigned to each group and with all the questions of that topic we had to in our group each one of us had to choose our favourite questions. Then we put in common all our favourite questions and we had to choose 8.

About our feelings this week we all had worked hard and one more time I can say in proud of my group! Let's continue like this week guys! =)

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Facilitaros by Cristian Paco Andreo

Well, I don't even know where and how to star, many thinks happens this week but not all of then enjoyable at all, but better stop thinkig on the pass and  let's look forward to the sugerirse, the end of this subjet is close and I'm sure we'll remenber it for loooooooong time.

For the activity of this week, I have split the group into two team, the first was formed by María, Fely and Fernando taking the topic 5 and the second was Raquel, Rosana and my self takin the topic 2. both the groups were split into three task, one per person, What a mess!!!

To clarify it the reason for spliting and spliting the topics was to go deep and deep into the both topics by a determinate member of the group, by the way, I thing we've got it. ;)

The tool we have used was named "Inspiration 9". This is quite nice conceptual map software but isn't FREE, OMG!!! now  I have a trial version and my desk full of rubish from softonic, you know, when you get something fron softonic it never came alone, tones and tones of adds and so.

In conclusion, the activity was ok but not impresive, actully quite boring but the transversal competence is adquired which is the most importat.  About my mates I have to congratulate them they were doing very very well, I made Fernando and Feli to chenge their cmap many times and they never complain, lol!! 

Now if you want to  see the result of our job for this week, don't hesitate to click on the link below.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Facilitator by Rosana Yepes

Hello everybody!
The last week I have been the facilitator, the boss of the group. To be honest, I was wishing to be the facilitator in order to know what it feels. My feelings have been good at whiles. I mean, when I divided the work and we were thinking on it were wonderful, but when we were until the last moment doing the video not at all.
As I have mentioned before, we had to make a video. So, my first impression was: Wonderful! I love doing artistic things! However, we had to use a program for us and the worst thing, we only had 1.30 minute!
Truly, we were leaving and leaving the work due to the amount of things that we had to do and honestly I was expecting that Linda uploaded the instructions.   When I realized that the time passed and we had not done anything, I decided to divide the work. My strategy was based on each couple did a topic in regard to the topic that they were the analyst, for example in my case I did the topic of the dark side of testbooks, because I had been the analyst the previous week.
I made this decision because I think the analyst is the person that uses up the most the topic due to he or she must summarize and tell the true essence of the activity. And in this way, he or she could represent better him or her topic.
However, we had some discussion due to we didn’t know exactly the limitations of the program. Fortunately, it was solved quickly.  We were until the last moment doing the video, but it was a funny situation for me. However, it doesn’t care because the really important thing was the result, and from my point of view the result was amazing, we picked up everything that we have learnt exactly.
Curiously, during the watching video I didn’t watch it, but Linda´s face since I was aware to I was the major responsible. Even we weren’t the group with more votes, Linda liked our video I could read her face and her mind and it is the really important.
Once more, I admit that I am proud of my group, above all when we are thinking the ideas and we make continue mention at our name: brainstorming.

Congratulation partners!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Facilitator by Raquel Pelayo López.

The roles of this week have been:

Feli and Rocío: journalist.

Rosana: analyst.

Cristian: translator.

María: curator- farmer.

Fernando: star

Raquel (me): facilitator.

This week we have to look for information about “The dark side of text books” and make the fable “The fall hive honey” each of us have made a different part:

-Feli: she has looked for information about “The broken market” and she has translated the fable into English.

-Rocío: she has to look information about “New editions and the uses book market” and make the introduction explaining why we have chosen the fable.

-Cristian: he has looked for information about “Price disolure” and like Rocío explains why we have chosen the fable.

-María: she has to make the “Disadvantages of text books” and a summarize about the fable explaining what is the meaning of each character.

-Rosana: she has looked for information about “Advantages of using new technologies in class” and she has rewritten the fable in Spanish to improve it.

-Fernando: he has written the fable the first time, has painted the drawings, made the questions and answers in “Kahoot” for the presentation in class for our classmates and he will present it tomorrow in class.

-Raquel (me): I have looked for extra information and I have found a document : “The future of the books”,  and a video very interesting about  a high school without text books and finally I have made the drawings for the fable and I have helped to Fernando to paint them.

Now my experience this week as facilitator has been stressed, tired and it has been difficult in the sense that I have to make that everyone is in agreement about the work and with all the ideas of the group, organize all the parts and controlling that everything is going well. A part from that it has been a good experience and I think that we have made a good job because all of us have been giving ideas for the fable and how we could to explain it and how we could present it, I am very proud for them and for their job. And I hope that they have been comfortable with me.


Thursday, 27 February 2014

I´m the facilitator by María Moreno

This week I´ve been the Facilitator and I really like my role, because I had to organize all the work in my group, splitting it in equal parts. At the beginning of the week we have some problems, because our Twitter account was closed again. But we opened a new one and the problem was solved.
This week the work was divided in 5 parts:
Cristian had to explain what means to use Creative Commons Licence resource and how to do that in max. 10slides.
Rocio had to upload this 10 slide show presentation to slideshare (with a CC license) using the tag #Soyer1314.
Fernando had to summarize the 20 basic tips for developing a good presentation in max. 20 slides.
Raquel had to upload this 20 slide show presentation to slideshare (with a CC license) using the tag #Soyer1314.
Feli had to prepare the oral presentation about recycle.
We chose recycle as the topic for our presentation, because  we think that it is very important, we have to take care of our world, we live here and if we don´t conserve it, it will disappear.
This week we have worked a lot, because we modified our blog in order to make it easier to understand, organizing the different post in the correct order, and including some interesting news and videos.
I have to say that this week we have understood how we have to work properly if we want to feel comfortable with our roles and blog, because the weeks before we were a little bit lost with all our work, because these is the first time that we have to work like that, with these model, and we wanted to do it perfectly.
On Monday, Feli presented our topic with a power point; she did it fantastically, explaining everything with coherence, so I think that everyone understood what recycle is and its importance.
I really love my group and I know that we are going to make a great effort in order to pass this subject.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Follow the Facilitator by Fernando Tortosa

First of all I'm going to list the roles of this week:

Cristian Paco (Star)
Feliciana Travieso Pérez (Curator-farmer)
Fernando Tortosa Cutillas (Facilitator)
María Moreno (Journalist)
Raquel Pelayo López (Analyst)
Rocío Ramón Belmonte (Translator)
Rosana Yepes (Journalist)

As well as we did last week, in my group, each one of us had an investigation task apart from their main tasks, the task this week were:
Raquel was in charge to look for Mercator projection.
Rocío was in charge of looking for an example of media that could determine or distort the vision of the student about something.
Rosana was in charge of search information about Robinson Projection.
Cristian was in charge to look for information about Azimuthal Projection.
María was the one who had to find two countries that differ significantly from one projection to another.
Feli was assigned to find a treasure hunt related to primary education. She also searched information about Google Maps and Maps (Apple) and the projections they use.
And I have search information about what is a treasure hunt and choose one that I liked most.
When all of us finished our tasks, I was also in charge of put all the information into the blog and to check it.
My Feelings this week:

This week I was a little stressed because I had just a few time to organize all and distribute the task to my partners but finally we have carried out well the activities and I feel proud of all of us.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Follow the Facilitator by Feli Travieso.

To acquire a wide knowledge of any subject is essential to be involved from the very beginning. TPACK has been our first objective to achieve.
As future teachers, in order to teach a subject and achieve that our students feel attracted to it, it is necessary to develop a range of skills throughout our trajectory while we are learning. It is of overriding importance to know the path our students would take, the difficulties they would go through, and the way to make the subject appealing for them. There is nothing better for us that getting ourselves through the same experience. Once we get over this, we would be able to predict and anticipate the best way to make the subject appealing for our future students. Therefore having all the necessary skills to guide them through a path of experiences, intrigues, challenges and constant effort, so that they can achieve self-fulfilment. My first role reflects exactly this idea.
As a facilitator, and having in mind that it is our first week, it has been complicated to get everything together. My first goal to achieve in this subject was to coordinate a group and also being able to get used to new ways of technology.
My weakest point:
Having into account that I barely use networks such as tweeter, facebook, among others technology devices, it has required more effort on my behalf, due to the fact that in order to divide tasks equally, I needed to have many clear concepts. The desing of our block was a little bit difficult. Maybe it is because we wanted to  change the  blog default letter into comic sans and that change drove me a bit confused. The other fact is that all texts were created in Word format and for me they have been somewhat been difficult to justify everything.
Therefore I have invested time searching the way to open and organize a blog as well as Twitter.
My strengths:
On the other hand I have leading skills experience acquired during my working years. Not to say that I love challenges, thus, compensates my shortcomings in the Technological area.
My idea of ​​taking the group on the right track has been to encourage them and split the investigation tasks to make everyone feel equally involved.
The group:
Our group consists of members who had mostly worked in previous groups. So it's the first time we worked together. Despite this, the integration and cooperation of all members has been very efficient.
Research processes were developed jointly. Perhaps in our first week the results won’t be optimal, since our knowledge is still limited.
Nevertheless as time passes by and we learn from mistakes done, we will cross our path of learning.
Task assigned to the team members:
Apart from their main tasks, all the members were assigned different investigation tasks, in order to build our blog accordingly, the followings were:
Raquel was in charge to look for TPACK social media and organization. She also opened our tweeter section.
Rocío wrote the seven components of TPACK.
Rosana was in charge of creating the mind map and read all the information downloaded by the group.
Cristian was in charge to look for information about the TPACK development in Europe.
María was the one who associated the components with the subjects that we are facing this year.
Fernando was assigned to investigate everything related to mind map. He compiled the information about the main features of this method.
And I have created our presentation page, as well as researched about TPACK history, and I have also added the results of our findings. And before add all the relevant  information to the blog, there were sent it to me, to check that everything was worded correctly.
During our first experience, all the forthcoming feelings were hand in hand; doubts, fear, motivation, stress and eagerness to excel.
Steps we all have followed under my supervision:

I considered that the group should be presented in a creative way, so I asked them their opinion about this item, they agreed on that, and we introduced ourselves in an innovative way.

We wanted to present TPACK with our own words in order to make the subject understandable.

Went through different pages, to find its onset.

We also tried to create different perspectives, such as point of view of different countries, results, etc.
The group has tried its best to go through this task and we are concerned that the task won’t exceed your expectances. But we all know that as difficult as it might seem, with time and experience and your advice we will increasingly improve.
Speed dating day:
I have to admit that the way to make us understanding the subject, using the speed dating methodology is extraordinary as well as creative and innovative.
Even though we have searched what speed dating was, we really did not know what to expect of it.
This was my personal feedback.
  • The star had repeated the same topic 10 times, during the process she was able to summarize the most important to be reflected and transmitted to our classmates
  • While we were moving through different groups, we were able to catch diverse point of views.
  • We could listen and evaluate at the same time, that fact helped us to develop new skills, such as being critical and objective.
  • We could listen to different stars and reach consensus in order to evaluate equally.
  • And overall we have learned from other groups the way to improve our forthcoming presentation.