Thursday, 13 March 2014

"The best teachers are the best actors" (Mercedes)

Have you ever thought that you can teach people by making a quick and nonsense performance? 

Indeed you can. Today’s lesson has been quite different than usual, we have recieved the visit of Ms. “diga dariga.she is a mysterious lady with an interesting message to the future teachers at the beginning we didn’t  expect  such a performance but as soon we have been getting into it was getting more and more interesting we could even framed it  with the best lecture given by the best lecturer, but of course it wasn’t a lecture but what is sure is that we all receive the message from that mysterious  lady with such unpronounceable name.

When she came to the classroom she made clear that her visit was a present, and so we perceived it. After giving some explications and advices, as a flash of light and with our confused mind, we went out looking for the lost knowledge, because knowledge is not only in the classroom, but also everywhere.
So we chose these picture and slogan:

If we want to conserve our knowledge we have to cultivate it, and the best way to do it is to teach with emotions, because doing that we will catch children attention and their knowledge will be significative.

In only two hours, with a sublime presentation of Mercedes applying innovative and creative tactics, we have learned that as teachers, we have a big responsibility towards our children. She has shown us that teaching is not only a job; it's a great profession, and overall a dinamic lifestyle, where undoubtedly our efforts in cooperation with colleagues will be the key to achieve an outstanding performance.
The key for being good teachers, derives from their perseverance, willingness to learn,to investigate,to implement excitement, enthusiasm, dedication,
commitment, and above all having the soul of a child.

Let us brush over all these wonderful qualities, so that when our day comes we are skilled in taking  the best of our students out.

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