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Friday, 28 March 2014

Curator farmer by Rocío Ramón

This week I have been the curator farmer, it has been a different week because, for personal reasons I have missed quite a class and I could not spend much time with my teammates. But next week I'll try and make all my teammates working more. As curator farmer I have learned to use pearl tree that I find very interesting and a great way to organize your work and have referenced it. It has been fun to discover for myself how to use it and once I already knew was very easy. The worst being cuartor farmer this week has been that there was not much reference as there was no looking information if not use our previous work. I am very happy with my group and I are all hard workers and imagintavos, or I hope we progress each week and we can be the best!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Facilitator by Rosana Yepes

Hello everybody!
The last week I have been the facilitator, the boss of the group. To be honest, I was wishing to be the facilitator in order to know what it feels. My feelings have been good at whiles. I mean, when I divided the work and we were thinking on it were wonderful, but when we were until the last moment doing the video not at all.
As I have mentioned before, we had to make a video. So, my first impression was: Wonderful! I love doing artistic things! However, we had to use a program for us and the worst thing, we only had 1.30 minute!
Truly, we were leaving and leaving the work due to the amount of things that we had to do and honestly I was expecting that Linda uploaded the instructions.   When I realized that the time passed and we had not done anything, I decided to divide the work. My strategy was based on each couple did a topic in regard to the topic that they were the analyst, for example in my case I did the topic of the dark side of testbooks, because I had been the analyst the previous week.
I made this decision because I think the analyst is the person that uses up the most the topic due to he or she must summarize and tell the true essence of the activity. And in this way, he or she could represent better him or her topic.
However, we had some discussion due to we didn’t know exactly the limitations of the program. Fortunately, it was solved quickly.  We were until the last moment doing the video, but it was a funny situation for me. However, it doesn’t care because the really important thing was the result, and from my point of view the result was amazing, we picked up everything that we have learnt exactly.
Curiously, during the watching video I didn’t watch it, but Linda´s face since I was aware to I was the major responsible. Even we weren’t the group with more votes, Linda liked our video I could read her face and her mind and it is the really important.
Once more, I admit that I am proud of my group, above all when we are thinking the ideas and we make continue mention at our name: brainstorming.

Congratulation partners!!

Monday, 3 March 2014

El cazo de Lorenzo

We all  carry heavy things on our backs, fortunatly some people help us to making it lighter though